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As a user experience designer, you have to communicate a lot with the developers who built the software. It comes in handy that I have been a web developer myself, and their for know the language that developers speak.

Below you can find a summary of the technologies I'm familiar with. I worked with those technologies during my career as a developer and as a system administrator.

Software development

Software modeling
Development methods
Scrum (agile)
Programming languages
PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
Template languages
Handlebars, Twig
Data exchange languages
CodeIgniter, Jquery
Publii, PyroCMS
Builder, Eclipse, Netbeans
UML tools
PowerDesigner, Gaphor
Remote procedure calls
Database tools
MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin, Adminer
Version control systems
Git, Bazaar, Subversion
Embedded computing
Tinynodes with TinyOS (language: nesC)

System administration

Operating systems
Linux: Fedora (Silverblue), Ubuntu, CentOS. Unix: Solaris
Nagios, VMware vCenter, phpLDAPadmin
Boxes (KVM), Podman, VirtualBox
Project management
Jira, Confluence
Iptables, Shorewall
Network analyzers
Command-line tools
ssh, vi(m), grep, find, ps, top, rsync, tar, zip, exec, xargs, netstat, du, df, wget, apt-get, yum, nmap, convert, fstab, cron, tcpdump, host, nslookup, dig, scp, md5sum, gpg, screen, (x)inetd, mysql, psql, cloc, cat, head, tail, chmod, chown, ifconfig, flatpak, rpm-ostree
Internet protocols
ip, nat, tcp, udp, http, dns, dhcp
ISP administration
IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment (via RIPE NCC)

Server software

Web servers
Apache, Nginx
Name servers
DHCP servers
ISC DHCP server
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Video platforms
Kaltura, Mediamosa
Back-up solutions
Amanda, BackupPC
Online storage

Recently built websites

At the same time that I took the course 'Get a New Job in UX Design' of the Interaction Design Foundation I built two websites: a website for the general practice Huisartsenpraktijk Valkenburg and a website for vocal coach Maurice Willems. Both websites were built with the content management system and static site generator Publii (you can read more about Publii here). In building the websites, I mainly acted as the developer and much less that of a UX-designer.

Open Source Software Directory

As an enthusiastic user of open source software, I created the Open Source Software Directory in 2008. The website lists the best and most promising open source software available on the internet. The focus is on end-user programs and less on system and application libraries. As of today, the websites includes more than 700 applications.

website: Open Source Software Directory