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From 2013 to 2019 I worked as an IT teacher at the high school Maaswaal College in Wijchen (The Netherlands). While I enjoyed the teaching and working with the students, I missed the creativity and the process of building a real product.

I'm a visual thinker and when I taught my students about a certain topic, I always tried to explain it visually and as simple as possible. Because I'm a conceptual thinker and I wanted to work on a real product again, I decided to become a user experience designer.

After making the decision to become a user experience designer, the question was what I needed to do in order to become one. There are many courses on the internet and after comparing a few, I chose the course 'Get a new job in UX design' of the Interaction Design Foundation. I chose this course because it would give me the opportunity to actually go through the whole design process. 

The course consisted of two projects that I chose myself: FreshKit and Simple Project. The goal of FreshKit was to design a website for a fictional meal-kit delivery service and the goal of Simple Project was to design the interface of a new project management tool. The result of both projects can be found on this website (see here and here).

Where do I stand? I believe I'm good in creating all the design artifacts necessary during the UX design process. In the future I would like to learn more about visual design and how this impacts the user experience.

Where I am today


Below you can find the certificate I got for taking the course 'Get a new job in UX design' of the Interaction Design Foundation. The actual time period was from November 2019 to July (and not January) 2020.