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The most important web technology this website uses, is Publii. What is Publii? Publli is a combination of a content management system and a static site generator. What does this mean? Well, a content management system is a system with which a user can add text and images to a website without any technical knowledge. A static site generator on the other hand is a tool that generates HTML-files from those text and images. 

The difference between a dynamic content management system (for example Wordpress) and a static content management system (for example Publii) is that with a dynamic content management system a web page is generated on every request while with a static content management system the web page is generated only once and then placed on the file system of the server. 

Another way of looking at the difference between a dynamic content management system and a static content management system is this: instead of writing PHP code (or another server-side programming language) you write conditional statements with a template language. The template language that Publii uses is Handlebars.

The benefits of a program like Publli is that it combines the easy of use of a content management system with the speed and security of a static site generator. 

There is also another advantage of Publii that I have to mention: it has by far the most user-friendly interface of any content management systems I have worked with (including Wordpress). Just look at the screenshot below: what a relief!

website: getpublii.com


The second most important web technology that this website uses is Presentator. Presentator is an online application that makes it possible to creative interactive mockups out of static images. The great thing about this program is that it is open source, so you can install it on your own server. This is also what I did: if you look closely to addresses of the interactive mockups (see here, here and here), you can see that Presentator is installed on a subdomain of this website.

website: presentator.io

Form Tools

Because it's not possible to process the content of a form with a static site generator (with a dynamic content management system it is) you have to either rely on a form processing service or you have to, nonetheless, install a dynamic tool to process the content of the form. I chose the latter because most e-mail processing services are more expensive than the web hosting (!?).

Form Tools is an open source form processing tool that is easy to install because most control panel software (for example cPanel and DirectAdmin) include the automatic installation service Installatron which includes Form Tools. If available in Installatron, the installation process is a matter of minutes.

website: formtools.org

Vue Formulate

Building forms can be tedious because of all the validation rules you have to write. Thankfully, this problem can be solved by using a form generator. I chose the form generator Vue Formulate because Publli is built with Vue, and because Vue Formulate was recommended on the Publii forums. Vue Formulate is especially developed for Vue applications but can also be used on regular websites like this one. 

website: vueformulate.com